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Welcome to RABurgener.info!

This is RABurgener.info, the  place to find out all there is to know about Robert Allen Burgener.

I have been accused of sharing too much in the past, so no telling what will show up here, so feel free to look around and learn way  too much for anyone's current state of sanity!


Who or What are you?

  • Robert Allen Burgener

    Generally a traveler in this bizarre experience we call life. Spending much of his time both living within and learning about what is behind this "so-called" reality ( for more of those details, visit the Spiritgeek.com site below  ).


Latest Life Achievements

There are always things happening in our lives and mine is no different, here are the latest things that I consider to be achievements, maybe you will as well.

  • Moved to Portland, Oregon

    After 30 years of living in Los Angeles, CA, I have made the transition to Portland, OR.

    Currently creating a new life in a new city has its issues, the least of which is learning ones way around town and figuring out where you are in relationship to everything else. LOL

  • Completed California's El Camino Real

    In the 1770's, a Franciscan Monk by the name of Junípero Serra began founding Missions up the California coast from San Diego to San Francisco, presiding over the founding of seven. Later others would found another 14 missions and extent the route up to Sonoma, CA.

    Leaving Mission San Diego de Alcalá on June 17th and arriving approximately 850 miles later at Mission San Francisco Solano on August 6th, I completed the journey of self-discovery in just over 7 weeks.


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